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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yesterday Was A Good Day

And I didn't have to use my AK.


Just kidding.

Last night, in order:

I bought John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits CD, a 2 CD set full of every song I absolutely love by him and a few I'm not sure I've heard before, but whatever. I'm really happy I own this. Ecstatic. I could go on about this guy. He's just a very real, no-bullshit artist, (like Tom Petty) constantly reinventing himself (like Neil Young...hey those are two other musicians I really like!) and I am literally stoked I can now listen to him over and over and over.

Then my therapist and I agreed I do not need to regularly see her any more! Only if something major comes up, and hey, she's fair. Why spend the money on her having small talk when I could use it to buy 9 John Mellencamp CDs?

And then at quiz night. We tied for first. And I like Heineken. And guess what was the special beer of the month there? Why, yes, I think I had 4 or 5 of those lovely green bottles. And really unrelated to that, cause I noticed him waaaay before drinking, there was this really hot guy sitting in back of my friend, and I happily realized that I am not dead after all. He left early! (Someone should have let the cute guy in on my plan!) And like a stupid 5th grader I gave his friend my number telling him to call me. Drunkenly making a joke, I told the guy he could call me too if he wanted. Ha ha ha. What a loser I can be.

If I don't hear from Mr. Cute (cause I never got the guy's name!) my friend promised me ice cream on Sunday. Ha.

So all in all a pretty good night, and I'm not feeling too rotten today either.