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Monday, November 28, 2005

So Let's Try That Again!

OK, so no one in any kind of band is within my proximity....

The show in and of itself was really good. There were 6 bands in the competition: The Ocean band from Singapore, Sunflower Day Camp from The Philippines, Qiu Hong from Hong Kong, Something to Burn from the States, The Twitch from New Zealand, and Town Hall Steps from Australia.

I had heard that Sunflower Day Camp was a ska outfit and that The Ocean Band were this mix of Pearl Jam and Tori Amos, so I was really intrigued to hear them, especially.

They were really good, but hardly anything related to Tori Amos. Way more Pearl Jam than anything else. The band was really good and even though they were first, I figured they'd finish the competition sttrongly.

Sunflower Day Camp opened their set with Sesame Street's theme. That was really cool. And they had such a good spirit and energy to them. Ska music is just great to dance to. And I thought they might be just enough to win the competition as well. Personally I like listening to ska in very small doses; after a while it all starts to sound the same to me.

The third band The Twitch were pretty basic rock and roll and not much in the way of anything really original. Though the guitarist looked like (and was called) Jesus and the drummer was a pretty cool guy to talk to. (That was another great quality of this night: All the bands mingled around the crowd before and after their sets, and were really warm, open people to chat with. The New Zealnd band's drummer kept sayign hello and chatting with me, the Aussie guitar player invited us back to their room to drink after the show. It was nice.)

The fourth band was from Hong Kong and the crowd, which had essentially been dead and sitting down all night long up until this point, stormed forward to the stage and a "mosh pit" broke out and it was really disheartening to see that these people had really only come to see one band. They had paid close to $200 Hong Kong to only see one band. My friend got into the fray of the "mosh pit" at one point just to see what it was like. I was even thinking of going into the "mosh pit" at one point. It was that tame. I've seen and heard about much worse. It was just a bunch of people half-heartedly pushing each other, though some lucky guy managed to crowd surf without being dropped or having the crowd clear on him.

Anyways, back to my friend. I'm not sure if it's going to be anything he'll contnue with in the near future, but at least this time he did not injure his foot like the last time when he drunkenly tried to jump over his own leg. (Had to be said. Again.)

The fifth band was from Los Angeles, and really looked like they had studied up on Blink 182 and Green Day for their image. (They were also the ones who later on would surround me at the computers in the coffee shop.) The singer had dyed black hair and a bit of eyeliner and lilac colored eyeshadow on. There were two blonde brothers in the band who were also metrosexually rocking the makeup. They were really good, had a good sound, and I really appreciated that they really tried to connect with the audience emotionally. I was being a bit obnoxious through the night by repeating that one line from the Team America song "America! Fuck Yeah!" but I was really excited for "my" band and hoped they did really well, and I was really proud to hear what they played. They were really good.

And then finally, the sixth band seemingly brought along their own cheering section from Sydney and that was a lot of fun. While the New Zealand band was really metallic and the L.A. band was kind of new-punk, this band was really power-poppish and I think honestly out of all of them, they were the one band I would have either bought a CD from if I could only have chosen one to buy, and also the one band I'd really like to pay more attention to, as they were really quite good, but also quite young.

And the whole thing then went downhill from there. After they had touted this night as one where music enthusiasts could meet and celebrate together the unifying power of music from around the world, the judges decide that one of the more mediocre bands should win. A friend of mine said that she heard that the hometown band "had" to win the festival, so it made me feel like I essentially wasted $200 to see a fixed fight. The other bands were really cool about not being chosen though (Such well-behaved rockers! I'd have liked to have heard about a few TVs taking the brunt of their frustration in a one way trip out the window!) and I guess that put things in perspective.

I still feel like something went amiss during the night though, to say the least, and I wonder if it'd even be worth it to point out my friend's claim, that her friend's band was told they needed to give the Hong Kong band the berth into the finals, even when they admitted her friend's Japanese band was much better than them. I just wouldn't want to look like I was suffering from the taste of sour grapes, when all I really want is for this music celebration to not end with the ghost of a sham haunting it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Battle of the Bands Recap

Now, if I blogged more often, it'd have been more fitting to write an entry as to how excited I am about going to this show, and then recapping it after the fact. But I didn't. SO long story short, I saw there was going to be an international Battle of the Bands thing going down in Tsim Sha Tsui last night, I was excited to go, I got three of my friends to join me and we all had a really good time.
(I think the singer of one of the bands, the American one, is right next to me, so I might just hold off on the review until a bit later. No I don't think he'll read over my shoulder but still it is a bit weird, don't you think, to write about someone when they are in the same room?)

I Need Tech Support!

I really want to watch How I Met Your Mother, so I'm just wondering now how I can go about doing this on my computer if the downloaded show is not working with my VLC media player? Please leave a comment or email me to help me out and to get more information.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My 25 Top Played Songs On My iPod

Rain on the Scarecrow John Mellencamp
Strange R.E.M.
Rebound Sebadoh
Charmless Man Blur
Insinuation The Folk Implosion
Shady Lane Pavement
Embassy Row Pavement
State Of Love And Trust Pearl Jam
Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam
Where The Streets Have No Name U2
Rudie Can't Fail The Clash
Fall Into November The Folk Implosion
Lonely Ol' Night John Mellencamp
Check It Out John Mellencamp
Everybody Loves Me But You Juliana Hatfield
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) Led Zeppelin
Here Luscious Jackson
Daydream Believer The Monkees
In Bloom Nirvana
Lithium Nirvana
Animal Pearl Jam
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
Drama Mine Sebadoh
Good Morning, Captain Slint
Zooropa U2

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Am In Love.....

No, not with any blonde guys.

With my guitar. (Sorry to say, not with my guitar teacher!)

This practicing the guitar is going to be really hard, and I know I'm going to need to get myself a strap to hold the thing properly on my lap. but I think it will be worth it. It will so be worth it! My guitar teacher is a pretty cool guy. He's lived in L.A. for 2 years and has played for 12. I'm starting off with picking exercises, and open C scales and he gave me Love Me Tender to practice playing with the scale set. He then told me I'll start off with songs like that and then after a bit I can move on to songs like..." and he started playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and I was just so happy and excited for everything I can possibly learn.

I really wish I had done this earlier, because I really hope I can get the hang of this soon, and I really want to know what I am doing. I want to be good, and I think I can be good with practice. I am going to try to practice every day and learn that song and learn the notes so I can play off the top of my head.

My teacher told me I had good rhythm, after doing the picking exercises to a drum machine (I couldn't help laughing at that.) I'm not looking forward to injuring my fingers a bit (especially my pinky which has to stretch up and down the 4th fret) but it will so be worth it.

And I have Band-Aids, anyways.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's Good My Mind Is On My Side

I have been strangely feeling lately that maybe, just maybe, the universe may be lining up for me sometime soon, maybe I'll actually meet some cool guy soon.

And oddly enough, I've been getting some feeling that this guy is blonde. I don't know where I got this, whether it was from a dream or something, but it'll be interesting to see what happens in the near enough future, I guess.

My roommate wanted to know what I meant when I told her I think I know what kind of guy I'd like to go out with, and she was asking me all the things I hadn't really even considered like hair and skin color, like in a way that there'd be deal breakers in that category to consider. I think my inkling is quite different from a preference (which I guess has always been dark haired guys) or some sort of made-to-order sheet like I was getting a sandwich or something.

Anyways, we'll see what happens. I'll see if I can will the guy over here. Ha.

New Music Sunday

I went on a major shop-a-thon today, and against my better judgment and ignoring the fact that really, I could be better spending money at something like...I don't know, a grocery store or something, I bought three CDs. These CDs are all ones I have owned before in cassette form, many moons ago.

  • Vitalogy -- Pearl Jam
  • Fables of the Reconstruction -- R.E.M.
  • Doolittle -- Pixies

I also found a create your own radio station program called Pandora. This site asks you to name an artist or song you really like (I chose Pearl Jam) and then first it plays the "typical" song of that band, which was "Porch" off Ten. Then interestingly enough, it will start to play songs that are like the original band and when you ask "Why are you playing this," it gives a very detailed reponse like:

"Based on what you've told us so far, we are playing this song because it features grunge recording qualities, hard rock roots, mild rhythmic syncopation, a vocal-centric aesthetic and major key tonality, and a dirty electric guitar solo."

Wow. So that's why I like them. I just thought they were great to pogo to.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Another New Addition To My Family

I don't really have anything clever to use for a title, but I have potentially exciting news:

My coworker, who I am going to refer to in here as my Fairy Godsister, heard a couple days ago that I was interested in learning the guitar. So, she being a drummer, told me that she had a guitar that she bought at a thrift store that she hadn't been using and would I like to have it. Haaaaaave it. Naturally, I said yes.

So now I have a guitar, a black six-string acoustic sitting on my bed. And I am going to look at getting lessons for this black six string acoustic guitar this weekend. And then if I get any good, my fairy godsister said I would probably have to be in her band. Once I graduate to my own electric guitar of course, and never mind that maybe just maybe I want to play bass.

I'm already dying to know how to play "Polly" by Nirvana and "I'll Be Back" and "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles, and maybe some stuff by Juliana Hatfield....

The sad thing is I know I am someone who might just be all gung ho about something for like 6 weeks and then decide it's meh. Thankfully if I see that the guitar is gathering dust, I know of a friend who would probably be most likely to serve as my surrogate mother, and I say it like that as I saw her today basically cradling the guitar like a baby, like it was Christmas for her.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oh Hell I Am Drunk

When I was dating my last boyfriend, I thought it couldn't get much better than what I had. He was like my best friend, and he was so funny, and possessed with a considerable light and spirit within. We talked of stupid stuff for hours on end. He made me laugh, and I could not imagine my life without him. Some part of me knew we wouldn't always be together, but somehow I believed our friendship would always last.

When he turned out not to be the guy I thought he was, I was devastated, mainly cause I felt that I could never meet anyone like that ever again. He was a truly unique individual.

I've been really lucky this year to meet someone who reminds me of all the good qualities that my ex had. And it may be a gift from God that I can't do anything about this, as he is really into his girlfriend, his girlfriend is really cool and they have been together for a long time.

But it's like I feel I have been given a second chance with my ex almost, by being able to be friends with this guy, if that makes any sense. He's a very kind, supportive, sweet, open minded, non-judgmental guy. And I now have more faith that the first guy may not be all that unique then after all if this one almost duplicates him perfectly.

So if he isn't all that unique, I really hope that sometime soon I can meet another guy like him, and if I ever get that chance, I hope I can be as cool of a girlfriend to this guy as my friend's girlfriend is to him now.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sorry For The Delay!

The thoughts I have been having are all in a jumbled mess and to put them down would not do them any sort of justice. This is why I haven't written in a while; I just don't know how to say it.