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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And Yet Again, Another Part of My Childhood Dies...

Twice now, I have been told I had to amend a lesson I was going to give to my students because it was too dangerous. One being making a suncatcher using a hot iron to melt crayon shavings between wax paper, I can now understand, even if I was absolutely going to be the only one to use and touch the iron. Another time, I was told that my studemts could not try eating raw vegetables, they had to be cooked. The parents would complain, blah blah blah.

Now I hear my school is freely telling their 4 year olds that the Santa Claus that will visit them will be a teacher at the school. It was bad enough that my coteacher asked my 5 year olds who they thought would be Santa (and they all guessed me), but one outright said to her 4 year olds that a male teacher who works at the school will be Santa. I wasn't that much older when I started to figure it out for myself that something was up, but I remember wanting to hold onto the idea of Santa. Later when I realized for a fact it was my mother, I was sad, but I think I was mainly sad for a small part of my childhood dying then.

Anyways, it might just be a cultural thing, where Buddhist children, what do they have to lose knowing that Santa doesn't exist, but the American child in me still wishes a little that the Chinese teachers could have used this time to spark some wonder and imagination into their students' hearts at this time.