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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Day Two...I Think

I hate how on vacation you lose track of time so easily. I wonder what it'd be like to be on a deserted island for a good stretch of time, how long would it take before all the days ran together with only periods of darkness in between.

Anyways yesterday was really good. I broke down and bought Spin and another copy of Mojo. Mojo I bought for the "free" Punk Music CD. (That's a good gimmick for music geeks but casual readers of the magazine like me!) Spin I bought for the article on Franz Ferdinand. Now, I am going to be really girly here but this is the first time I ever got a gander at these guys and not only is their music really good but they are pretty damn hot as well. They've got this whole moddish-cool thing going on with their style and it suits them -- ha ha I made an unintentional pun.

I lazed around the beach with Mark and Sabrina but had to duck out early as my right side was getting a bit crispy. I went back to the house and applied sunscreen but I did it too late. It became less of a preventative measure and more of a remedial measure as my arm (yes, just the one) is now really really pink and a bit sore. And I know it'll soon fade into the off-white color I know and while not love, am quite familiar with, as I do not tan at all.

Then Mark and Sabrina and I went out for dinner where I had a really nice Thai beef salad and Tom Yum Goon, a soup I had heard a lot about but not too much, apparently, as when it arrived I was surprised to see its clear color and not this browny-orange coconut milk infused soup I had in my head. (I wonder what soup it is that I am thinking of....) I also drank a glass of Tiger Beer which is *not* a good idea when you have both a bowl and a plate of fire sitting in front of you. Yeow. I promptly switched to a nice coconut milkshake that helped me cool my mouth down quite a bit.

Then Mark and Sabrina stayed for this movie about soccer which I just couldn't get into. So I went back and read my magazines and listened to my iPod and waited for the movie to finish so we could all go out into town clubbing.

We had a great time. It's really funny; I had like 5 drinks throughout the night and woke up feeling only a bit rough around the edges. We first went to this beach barbeque thingy sponsored by some beachside restaurant, and Mark and Sabrina bought some Santa hats and glow-stick glasses to party in. I don't know why I didn't but I kind of am regretting it now. At midnight the DJ played the original version -- thank God -- of "Do They Know It's Christmas? (Feed The World)" and we all sang along quite loudly I might add. We stayed out until 3 in the morning, and as we were dancing outside in I guess the courtyard of the Green Mango, the sky opened up and lots remained outside (including us) dancing in the rain. It was really quite fun, though very cold. The grandma that's slowly starting to emerge in me was worried I would catch a cold. But I woke up fine. (It must have been all the alcohol I drank.)

This morning I played the Christmas songs I had stored on my iPod and got put into some kind of melancholy mood for a bit. Because I am thinking "Wow, what an amazing Christmas holiday I am having here" and realizing that last year at about this time, there must have been others like me, young, away from their families and with their friends, thinking the same think as they vacationed on Phuket and Phi Phi Island and then the tsunami hit and they lost their lives. There's a foundation asking for donations here where you give money and then you get a sticker to remember Tsunami Day. I might get one of those later, but I guess I wish the focus was more on the victims and their families themselves and less on the tsunami itself.

Anyways I don't want to leave on a really depressing note, so I will say if you are reading this I hope you have a really nice holiday no matter how you are spending it and to take a little time to remember the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina survivors as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (but more on that day -- and night -- later!)