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Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Tales From the iPod

Maybe I will make this a monthly feature of my blog. Ha, saying that makes it sound like I have a huge readership that would come to expect this sort of post on a monthly basis!

Lithium Nirvana -- I hear this song and all I can think of is Krist Novoselic, in the moment, throwing his bass guitar in the air and unsuccessfully trying to catch it. Had he been trying to catch it with his head, then it'd be successful, but who in their right mind does that.
Rain on the Scarecrow John Mellencamp -- I've always liked this song, even when I must have been about 9 or 10 years old and Scarecrow was relatively new.
Strange R.E.M. -- I don't know why this song is high up on my list. It's not even an R.E.M. song. I guess it's just one of those catchy beat and you can dance to it sort of things.
Rebound Sebadoh -- I love the strong and crunchy intro, and yeah can honestly say I identify a bit with the lyrics. But who couldn't?
Check It Out John Mellencamp -- I've said enough about this song earlier. The song and the video are a bit different from one another; this is a studio recording, but it's still a damn good song.
Everybody Loves Me But You Juliana Hatfield -- Yet another song I can easily identify with! I heard that she knew of a (possibly Brenda Lee or Tammy Wynette) song with the same title and liked the title so much wanted to cover it, but she couldn't find it or couldn't record it. So she made up a song of her own. I love her voice as well.
In Bloom Nirvana -- I loooooved this video when I was in high school, especially when they were shown wearing dresses (cheap laughs, I know!) I just remember this part were they are completely going mental in their dresses and destroying the stage in their dresses and wow, it just looked cool!
State Of Love And Trust Pearl Jam -- Two reasons why I like this song: "And I listen for the voices inside my head. Nothing, I'll do this one myself." and the "Hey na na na na hey that's something!" parts. That's about it. A really strong song from one of my favorite bands.
Good Morning, Captain Slint -- This song gives me the chills whenever I hear it. It's close to 8 minutes long but it really doesn't feel like that. I play a movie in my head everytime I hear this song, where it could fit in well with The Perfect Storm or The Fog: the song makes mention of a shipwreck with a lone survivor trying to enlist help from a small frightened boy who lives near the beach. And I love the unique guitar sound, how it is quiet and sinister at first and progressively builds up into something beautifully horrible. The one part that gets me is where the leader singer is saying things like "I promise I'll be better when I'm older" and "I'll make it up to you and I miss you..." and then he bellows "I miss you!" in one of the most heart-wreching ways possible like 3 or 4 times over the band which is now really rocking out, and the song ends with 20 seconds of a sustained chord before as it fades out. It's like my generations "A Day in the Life." Everytime I hear this song, I am basically left speechless over what a cool song this is.
Vertigo U2 -- Earphones have made me love this song even more, as I get to hear "Turn it up loud, Captain!" which was hard to notice before when it played on the computer. Also, this cable TV station I watch used this song for its promo of "Lost" and everytime I hear the "Hello hello!" part I can't help but think of the promo where that part of the song comes on and then there's this loud gunshot sound where you see Sawyer shooting a gun. It's a hard-rocking song on its own, but yeah, the gunshot worked well with it too.