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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tales from the IPod Part 2

Songs 11 through 25:

Country House Blur -- "He lives in a house! A very big house in the countraaaaaaay! Watching afternoon repeats and the food he eats in the countraaaaaaaaaaay!" I love how Damon Albarn sings this. And the horns! But what does "jackanory" mean?
Charmless Man Blur -- Another one with fun senseless lyrics to sing: "Na na na na na na na na na! Na na na na na na na na na!" In a falsetto-like naggy sound no less.
Insinuation The Folk Implosion -- Lou Barlow isn't known for his happy happy music, though songs like "Ocean" from Sebadoh sounded poppy while not being lyrically poppy at all. I love how dark and brooding this song is. Insinuation really makes it happen...In your opinion is a nice surprise..." The drum beats and the bass guitar really set the mood.
Fall Into November The Folk Implosion -- Love the sing-song guitars and lyrics "Rooad, road around the moat, the moat around the rock, the moat around the rock around the castle...winter summer into fall, spring summer into fall into November." Something like that. It's what I sing anyways hearing this.
Now More Than Ever John Mellencamp -- I don't know why this song is played as much as it is, either. I really like Small Town quite a bit, but it can't be found yet on here. It is a pretty strong song. I think I just like the guitar riffs.
Daydream Believer The Monkees -- OK, say what you will about the Monkees. So you'd be more likely to hear this song in K-Mart over the Muzak than you would "Pleasant Valley Sunday!" But this is a really happy song for me. I have a memory of me being at my uncle's house and I might have been about 11 or 12 and singing this song thinking I was alone in the living room, when my cousin walks in and helps me complete the chorus. It was kind of embarrassing but also cool at the same time. I mean, how can anyone not sing along to the chorus?
Drain You Nirvana -- Lots of great lyrics here: "I don't care what you think unless it is about me!" "Chew meat for you, pass it back and forth, in a passionate kiss, from my mouth to yours cause I like you!" Yeah that's kind of gross, but still pretty cool.
Shady Lane Pavement --I like how utterly laid-back this song is. A lot of reviewers when this album first came out compared this to a generic song by the Kinks, who seemed to like to write a lot about living suburban life. And while I don't know much about the Kinks and their back catalog, I do know that Blur's songs have also been compared to the Kinks. And then I like the line "You've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation to the sequel to your life." Embassy Row Pavement -- I love this song cause it's so anti-laid back. I love Stephen Malkmus screaming "In a nether world of foreign feeds" over and over in this. I love the "I need get born, I need to get dead, I'm sick of the forms I'm sick of being misread, by men in dashikis and their leftist weeklies, colonized wrath, their shining new path..." bit. I love the "Don't forget your manners when the anthem's played" bit. It reminds me of living in Washington D.C. for a stretch and being an expat all at the same time.
Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam -- A song supposedly about suicide. I guess I have always looked at it as an anti-suicide song, where maybe he is looking back on his life and decides things aren't so bad after all. Of course, this is coming from the band that wrote a three part epic piece about a boy who becomes a serial killer from the sexual abuse that comes from his mother who misses her husband, whom the boy has grown up to look like, so what do I really know. Anyways, I like the guitar lines in this song.
Cecilia Ann Pixies -- This apparently is a cover of an old surf-style song. It's an instrumental but really interesting. I love how the Pixies sounded. They had a really good rhythm section in David Lovering and Kim Deal, who I really wanted to be like in high school one day.
Drama Mine Sebadoh -- I love the guitar intro in this song, an the guitar breaks with the "She's pretty crazy to me!" bit.
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers -- It's all about the "Oh my my, oh hell yes!" part here. I can only imagine some Southern bar livening up when someone plays this on the jukebox.
Beautiful Day U2 -- This song has lifted me up from some pretty dark times in the past. I'm not at all a Christian, but I do believe in God, and I really appreciate the Biblical references in this song, about how you can lose everything but still have you need to live. "What you don't have you don't need it now, what you don't know you can feel it somehow..."
Where The Streets Have No Name U2 -- When I was younger I was fairly restless felt unpopular and was a dreamer, thinking that somewhere there would have to be a perfect place where I would finally feel loved and accepted for who I was, and I would just have to keep moving on to eventually find it. I think right now, I have to eventually come to terms that I may just be a restless soul, someone who may just not feel comfortable in one place for very long. Far from being the perfect place, this song also reminds me of Korea, as none of the streets have any names. So for a time, I felt it was pretty ironic that these two ideas were together, Korea without its street names and Bono thinking that a place with no street names was like an idyllic Utopia, a place that really doesn't exist.