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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Things That I Carried

After I bought them and put them into my bag of course.

I just went crazy buying DVDs and perfume. And incense sets. And also a tablecloth thingy that the lady insists I could wear as a sarong. Sarong sounds a bit too much like "So wrong" here so I think it'll go on top of my table when I get home. I also in a weird case of there's nothing left for me to read, picked up a cheap copy of Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure. Always wanted to read it, just based on the title. Like the idea..well not like, but maybe identify with being obscure. I want to find a nice wrap skirt here as well.

The bikinis are also starting to appeal to me after seeing so many women wear the tops with a wrap and an "I don't care if it's all hanging off me, I need to get tan" attitude. Very refreshing to see, as even though I am much smaller than them, I know for a fact that they are more comfortable with themselves than I am with me.