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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Time Flies...

I'm actually enjoying myself here, and what with the losing track of time, I've just surprised myself as I remembed that I basically only have the tail end of today, tomorrow and the next day before I have to fly back to Hong Kong and start working again. I guess that'll be good as shortly thereafter, I will be receiving what's becoming a sorely needed paycheck. (Damn DVDs!)

Today I decided as more of a "What else is there to do around here?" sort of thing to sign up for a tour of the island and see what's what. It went all right. There were just the 4 of us: Two Israeli men and one American girl who is on holiday from her job in Korea (It's a small world after all! It's a small small world!) and we first went to a temple where they had a fortune telling machine (how divine, I know!) where you drop in a 10 baht coin and wait for the light to settle on a number. Then you go and read the corresponding fortune. Well, my number happened to be 14, a bad deal in Chinese culture, and this was a Chinese style Buddhist temple. So the fortune warned me of unfortunate coincidences befalling me and having a troublesome partner and basically being in the midst of bad luck. Basically anything that could go wrong was a part of this fortune. I made myself feel better telling myself it was only a random generation of a number from a machine.

We also went to a viewpoint to look at the ocean, and a waterfall (which was nice) and something called Grandmother and Grandfather Rock and another temple (where I forgot to see if I could trade up my fortune). Then we were told we would have to pay like 250 baht extra for a monkey show, and none of us wanted to do it. Also extra (but not revealed to us before) was a tiger show. None of us decided to stay for that. So we went to Nathon and ate a nice lunch. The Israelis were tired and bowed out of the tour early and so the other American girl and I went on our own to the grand finale of the tour: a stop at Tesco.

I kid you not.

I just wound up buying some much needed mouthwash and some dried pumpkin seeds. I'm lucky that by living in Hong Kong I really am not wanting (unfortunately) for any Western-style food.

Anyways at the end of the tour, the girl and I exchanged emails. Maybe we'll meet up later. Who knows. Could be all right. I guess later tonight I'll grab dinner somewhere and then see if there are any good movies playing around. I know, I am a real wild one for sure!

But I am having fun and I think one person's bungee jumping extravaganza vacation is another's "let me catch up on my correspondence" vacation. As long as you enjoy yourself and relax, ya know?