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Monday, January 02, 2006

Back To Hong Kong

I just got back last night and then stayed up until three in the morning doing something I swore would wait until my next vacation. I have all these CDs (well, only nine)of stuff I downloaded off Limewire. So I spent a good long time putting all of that onto my iPod. I'm not quite done yet; I want to know which albums these songs came off of, just to make it a bit more categorized.

All this was started after finding the Wizard of Oz on TV last night. God, I had forgotten how muvh I love that movie. I think sometimes older movies make me laugh cause they are so overwrought, so bad in their production, but this one was actually genuinely funny. I sat there with my roommate cracking up over the intended silliness of it all, the keeper of the Emerald City repeatedly telling them they had to read the then non-existent sign to enter, and then putting out the sign with a "Why didn't you say so?" when told there was no sign. the Munchkins, and the Cowardly Lion with his silly red bow on top of his head, singing "If IIIIIIIII were the king! Of the forrrrest!" and then "Courage!" I love the Cowardly Lion! Everytime I saw him I just cracked up like I must have when I first saw it at the age of...six? Eight? When I was really young for sure.

But being now in my 20s, I remarked to my roommate that fans of Pink Floyd had to be onto something, as they discovered a not quite perfectly synched viewing of the Wizard of Oz and playing The Dark Side of the Moon. I was having a hell of a time with the movie tired but sober, imagine what pot would have done to it. She told me "Yeah, that's why I said I wish I was till drunk earlier." Heh.

I also saw some of my DVDs I bought in Thailand. Fever Pitch is fine, Down With Love is fine. In Her Shoes sucks cause it won't play. I saw Dukes of Hazzard last night. It was OK. Certainly nothing special. I don't remember much too much about the original, but I think they dumbed down Bo and Luke Duke too much -- I don't think they were portrayed as stupid in the series at all. And Jessica Simpson (or OK, the writers of the movie) played Daisy Duke with just the one note of "Aren't I sexy?" which probably was much more understated in the TV series. But I won't worry too much about it. as it is only a movie made from a TV show, after all.

Oh also, today I took the nicest shower had in about a week and a half! It's good to be back!