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Monday, January 09, 2006

Fractured Record Review Take One

I am really happy right now. I got from my uncle about $150 Hong Kong as a Christmas present. I was thinking of what CD I wanted to buy, as I really could only buy one with that amount of money. It was a hard decision: Do I buy something I know and love, something comfortable, or do I try my luck and buy something that I may like, but I may not. Something that may be like the best thing I have heard in the longest time, or something that unfortunately leaves me cold, like going on a blind date with someone, quite honestly. (Hey, we all need to have our passions!)

But I found at a local store that they were (lucky for me) having a sale. And so, with that rationalization, I bought two CDs, both from The White Stripes. Both CDs I'd basically be taking a gamble on, because for me, there really is nothing worse when it comes to buying music than buying a CD you think is going to be the coolest thing ever, only to first be sitting there with an expectant grin on your face and then realize that nothing is grabbing you and then, have the tape or CD gather dust a couple weeks later. (Hello, The Church! Hello Simple Minds!)

I love the CDs. Really. I listen to it, and for some weird reason it reminds me of when I was 6 or 7, maybe younger, listening to my cousin Chuck play the drums. I don't know whether it's the same kind of music that backed him, or it's just something that they made out to sound very garagey, where the drums are right there in your face, and the cymbals are huge and sound like they are crashing right in your ears, but this is like one of the most exciting things I have listened to in ages, with the exception of maybe Franz Ferdinand's latest album. (But come to think of it, that too has an almost...organic quality to it as well. I know they are much more synthesizer-based and much more flash, but in a Blondie sort of way (without Deborah Harry of course), where it's a detached sort of sound, but almost very early 80s in its production I guess, in its feel.)

Anyways, the White Stripes.

I love this one song, "Well, It's True We Love One Another," and that is the coolest thing about buying a CD that you don't know much about. You get to pick and choose your own favorite songs, the songs that somehow mean something to you only, and not the ones that MTV or their record company tells you you have to like. (Though, I do have to say that if anyone ever bothered to ask me about my favorite Side One Track One Songs, and I bothered to think about it fully, and they bothered to listen, one of them would be "Seven Nation Army" in a heartbeat. I love the simplicity of that song and the build up of guitars and again, I am 5 years old watching my cousin crash his drumsticks into the cymbals. It's just an amazing song, and I can not believe there is not a single bass guitar in that song whatsoever. Amazing!)

Anyways, "Well, It's True We Love One Another."

It's one of the funniest thing I have heard in a while, and it's kind of countryish (dare I say that) and yeah, a bit cutesy, but I like the sense of humor to it, especially the part where the guest singer Holly, asks Meg if she thinks if Jack really loves her,and Meg sings "You know, I don't care cause Jack really bugs me!" I don't know, it's amusing to me cause it plays off on the whole "We're brother and sister but wait, not really" revelation that happened a couple years ago.

Anyways, I know I'm not making any sense. This is where I say like a 6 year old, this is my blog anyways, and what are you doing criticizing my own personal thoughts?

In short, I love this CD. It makes me happy. I feel like a grandma who likes something well past when everyone else does, but it's all right at the end.

So do yourself a favor and have a listen to Elephant.