Pulled In Many Directions

Not-so-daily rambings about my life and my thoughts

Friday, January 13, 2006

Things That I Hate...

  • I hate how I have to get up and work a full day tomorrow (Saturday).
  • I hate how I have no discipline with anything I really like.
  • I hate how my iPod's headphones may be broken and there is all this buzzing and scratching noises in my right ear whenever I play music.
  • I hate feeling disconnected from most everyone I am in contact with and wonder how much of that is my fault.
  • I hate how some people make me feel like an idiot everytime I open my mouth. I know what I mean, so why can't anyone else?
  • I hate how I can not find Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend CD anywhere.
  • I hate this feeling that I am never going to be in a worthwhile relationship with any guy. I know nothing can be said as an absolute, but this one just feels like it will be true, probably due to Points 4 and 5.
  • I hate how I never seem to get enough sleep, including (surprise surprise) tonight. (This is only due to late night web surfing and not any ponderings of my life and how the universe is playing it out.)