Pulled In Many Directions

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


It's Sunday. My roommate is moving to Shenzhen tomorrow, I guess. We had a really big noght out last night where all her friends and some of a friend's friends went out and we just got trashed. I am feeling really rough right now and we promised each other we would clean up the house before she goes. I'm running on slow and cleaning the bathroom right now (I'm waiting for things to dry in there before I wash the floor) and she is wrapping up going around her social circle, telling her friends goodbye before she comes back to do the kitchen.

Ugh...last night. Had fun dancing and hanging out with my roommate's best friend whom I never really get to talk to much. Highlight from her: She told me last night she looks at one of our male teachers and all she can think of is Chicken Little.

Another good friend of mine got totally trashed so badly you could see it i his face. There was a Vacancy sign in his eyes even. He said a lot of trash last night, and even though I wasn't too badly offended (I knew he was drunk) I told his girlfriend he should apologize to me for the stupid things he said. And this morning, he did. It was a pretty funny voicemail; it was like you could hear the two working brain cells (all the others were still asleep) rub together to try to form a thought. Ouch. He told me later he was really hurting this morning, and I sure don't blame him.

Anyways that is it for me right now. I got to get back to work.