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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weird Dream Report Three

I've had dreams this weekend where I meet one of my students about 10 or 15 years down the line. He's only grown maybe about a foot and a half more, has exactly the same face and has some sort of beard-like thing stuck to his chin. (My subconscious is lazy and wants to do the Mr. Potato Head type thing, I guess.) I meet him in something that looks like the Getty Center in Malibu (complete with sunshine, courtyards and mini-pools and fountains) and he tells me he has joined a Christian-rock band. Um, OK. He also takes my hand when he sees me, like he is 5 years old all over again. Very sweet.

I also have a dream this morning where I start to re-hook up with a guy I dated. Though he doesn't even look like him, the mannerisms and the sense of self he has is there. I know it's him, even though he looks wildly different. (I do have to say that I really tried and I think he is a nice guy still today, but I never was physically attracted to him very much. He looked better in the dream I had, but don't they all. Heh.) Nothing really happens though. (Again.) But this time it's because he thinks his modem can record us. I know it sounds dumb, but again maybe instead of my brain thinking of some kind of conspiracy theory type thing, my brain didn't want to bother with creating a webcam.)