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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Be My Career Counselor...

And when I become rich and famous I'll send you a check.

I really hate having to report my every move to someone and I hate how during work hours, if I need to buy something at a store for school, I am not allowed to do it. (I'm not talking about a coffee or lunch or a CD, I'm talking about school supplies or whatever.) I guess I figure I'm an adult and can handle the responsibility of resisting the temptation to goof off outside of work. (But Lord knows I have plenty of opportunity to do that AT work as I am not allowed to run errands and prepare for classes duing work hours apparently.)

So I like human interaction and I can sit in front of a computer for long periods of time and I really like music and I hate bureaucracy and anal-retentive rules from companies which are designed to put its plebes in their place and make them feel like 3 years old.

I guess I just wish I had a lot more freedom with my job and wish I worked in a place that actually cared about its workers. I am aware that there are plenty of places back home that act in the same way, people who are small minded enough to get drunk off their job title. But I'm even thinking if I go back home, it won't be as a teacher. Not sure what I'd do next but who knows?