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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mini Movie Review

I had to see what all the fuss was about Brokeback Mountain today. Apparently it's been banned in mainland China for its subject content and has been quite controversial anyways anywhere else, and what with all the Oscar talk about it, I had to see if this would be one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.

It was pretty good. The scenery was beautiful. The story was compelling. Yet I and my friend, we had no idea where this love story came from. (But then maybe that is how the greatest of love stories seem to start, out of nowhere. Maybe one day you're blogging about how lonely you are and the next day you go to McDonald's minding your own business and yet you hit it off with the person in line ahead of you. As an aside, I'm still waiting for it to happen, but whatever.) We were thinking that in the beginning the "relationship" was a product of loneliness or boredom, and then from out of left field, "I can't seem to quit you."


I just got the feeling, how sad a life they must have lived. Everyone. I wondered to myself why they couldn;t just picked up and moved to San Francisco for crying out loud, in the 1970s and gotten work as say construction workers or mechanics or something like that. I know it sounds so overly simplistic, but maybe my thinking just demostrates how far we've come since the 1960s when it comes to accepting gay people in society. It must have been really hard in the 1960s to be a gay man who works in what essentially is a very manly profession (is the Marlboro Man an interior decorator or a banker? No!) which is essentially handed down generation from generation. I mean being from the Northeast, I have no idea what Wyoming fam life must be like.

I'd say go see it if you haven't already. Maybe because I'm not a guy, I didn't find anything uncomfortable with the one major sex scene or any of the kissing. It definitely is a tragic but tender love story though.