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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reasons Why My Kids Are Cool:

  • I sing a song to them to the tune of "Ten Little Indians" and one of my boys interjects with a sung "Chao siu bao" at the end. It's really hard for me to not crack up at a bit of random.
  • I am doing math in my small group class and in a poor attempt to get my kids to settle down and not literally throw their books at me to correct them, I'm telling them they need to sit down and be quiet (not in an exasperated way even) and one of my girls says "Because you only have two hands!" Again, how can I not crack up at this pearl of wisdom from a 5 year old?
  • I meet a coworker's student in a supermarket tonight with her helper. (She's 3. The girl, not the helper!) She saw me and happily squealed my name, and we chatted a bit (The helper not the girl, though she really wanted to tell me something.) We went off and a bit later I ran into them again, and the girl shows me a 4-pack of milk boxes, saying "I'm over here!" (according to the helper.) Then she counts off the milk boxes and says to me "I will give you one!" never mind she hasn't paid for them yet. It's too cute cause this is a girl who for the longest time, really showed that she didn't like me. She'd turn to run away when I was talking to her. (Which was too bad, cause I thought she was really cute, a real tomboy type.) But as of late she's decided to warm up to me, which is really nice.