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Monday, February 20, 2006

They're Baaaack!

I have reacquainted myself (re-addicted myself) with The Sims.

In the latest installment I have been playing, I created a house of two hip sisters, Melinda and Samatha, a Libra and a Gemini. They enjoyed each other's company, had a great house and great jobs, but something was missing. There was a lack of eligible men in the general vicinity of Veronaville. So I created the Cavalleri brothers, Jonathan and Chris. (I'm really boring when it comes to picking names in a crunch.) Jonathan is a bit of a playboy, and has gotten it on with essentially the town bicycle Titania. (And it's true, for those who play the game...she'll get with anyone, leaving her husband behind to marry -- and "marry" -- over and over and over again...)

My plan seemed to work when Chris and Melinda hit it off over at Chris' place. But then the dumb blonde ate a rancid sandwich. She was sick for days, but that didn't stop her from going over to Chris' and spending "quality" time (wink wink nudge nudge) and hanging out with each other (in between running to the bathroom to vomit that is.) But Chris, the nice, studious guy that he is, always was there to happily clean up the mess Melinda made, bided his time, and then proposed to Melinda.

(Melinda was so happy she puked, by the way.)

Thank God that is over.

Anyways, Jonathan has taken up with the French maid that used to clean the boys' place. Chris has moved into Melinda's place and Samantha moved out, and the Turners have just adopted a child named Jerry. (He came to the house looking a bit like David Spade -- the haircut anyways. Maybe there is a reason he was adopted....)

I hit the kaching cheat a few times so I might just have them quit their jobs to raise Jerry properly, or maybe I will make him have an interesting childhood full of the bumps and bruises that help one decide to focus on a career in the pickpocketing arts.