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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Doesn't Have To Suck!

I think I just had one of the best Valentine's Days ever. I went to see Franz Ferdinand tonight. They were very loud, and while there were some people in the crowd really mixing it up and having a blast, from where we were there were too many people sitting down and not rocking out. I mean they might as well have gone to HMV, bought Franz Ferdinand's concert DVD (which came with a concert T-shirt, by the way) bought some chips to eat and spent only like two thirds of what we did. (And you remember how much we paid! Why on earth would you sit through a rock show? Oh, and to answer the question of whether they were good seats, I couldn't tell what color the drummer's eyes were, but my friend later made a comment about the color of the socks the singer was wearing. And his girlfriend noticed that in between songs he was taking puffs off an inhaler. So there ya go. I guess tons gets by me!)

Also, I didn't really care for the idea that they were selling these red and black or white and black striped shirts for like HK$200. I swear to god, anyone with any ambition could find anything like that in a thrift store. I mean they are cool shirts, but not worth $200!

Image hosting by Photobucket
See these are pretty damn cool shirts, aren't they?
But do you wanna pay $200 HK to look like them?

Anyways, enough sniveling about stupid shit.

The show rocked. It really really rocked. I was so surprised at how good it was, as this band is something that sounds so really carefully produced on CD -- the drums are all flash, the bass is cranking, and I had to seriously wonder if it was possible there'd be an adequate reproduction of the sound. But there was!

They did play some songs off their first album, Franz Ferdinand, but I wasn't too familiar with them. But you know me, I plan to rectify that soon.

It's really weird seeing this, but their style of playing and their sound and their dress kind of reminded me of what it may have been like to see The Knack in action. (It was all retro-style. And I do mean that as a compliment. Obviously, they are doing much better than The Knack and My Sharona is a pretty good song. It won't ever change the way I think about poverty or world hunger, but still a good song nevertheless. And I digress...)

I was cracking up over Alex Kapranos' (he's the really happy looking guy in the stripey shirt front and center) stage presence many times. He looked like he was participating in a hoe-down half the time, stamping his right foot enthusiastically, pretty much bringing it up to the knee before dropping it down again. And he would also do split kicks with his guitar and I *think* I smelled irony in the air, but I can not be too sure. Ah well. They had a thing at the end where two other people joined the drummer to rock out and that was really something.

The whole thing was just too damn short. And I mean, I know, the Beatles never played more than half an hour even in their screaming-girls hey-day, and Franz Ferdinand only have two albums out right now, but hell, is it really so strange to want a good thing to not end?

Maybe I can see who is playing next year on Valentine's Day wherever I am and make this a tradition or something. I seriously gave thought to making a tradition of going to what would have to be a kick-ass show for future Valentine's Days as I was watching the show and enjoying its energy unfold over the people in the floor seats and my friends next to me. Until Brad Pitt's no longer busy, that is.