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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Crazy Thoughts While On The Treadmill

I seem to get these strange thoughts in my ead while I am on the treadmill. And not to sound like any one of those hidden Satanic messages were in my Judas Priest record people, I always seem to get them relating to the music I am listening to on my iPod.

So last night I was out with a lot of my female coworkers (one of them decided to have a girls night at her house) and we got to talking about bands, and one of the girls said she was really sorry she missed Franz Ferdinand by only a couple of months. And I thought "Yeah, I feel lucky to have seen them, but who would the next band be that could possibly come here that I would want to see?" And today while on the treadmill listening to their album, Elephant, I immediaetely thought of The White Stripes. I would be really disappointed if they came over here and I couldn't get tickets. I'd mull in my head idle plans of which student I could theoretically sell to get enough money to buy tickets. (Of course if the same happened with U2 or John Mellencamp, I'd feel the same way, but something tells me they aren't coming to Hong Kong, at least not for a long while.)