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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Do Not Want History to Repeat Itself

A friend of mine has her daughter coming to town; unfortunately she wants to take her and us to the exact same restaurant where I was harrassed by some Spanish guy who really wanted to dance with me and wouldn't take no for an answer.

I think I'm going to have to sit this one out anyways, as a) I've never been a fan of salsa dancing, and b) even though I know chances are very slim that the same thing will happen to me again, never mind with the same guy, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. It was also one where I just couldn't seem to get anyone there with me to understand how petrified I felt. The friends I was with at the time told him yeah buy her a drink and she'll dance with you and gave him my name. The friends I told later, also couldn't understand it. They only understood that I met some guy, however unwillingly I wanted that. They were probably thinking "Well, isn't it a good thing some guy wants to dance with you?"

Not if he keeps pointing at me and says "You're next!" in what sounded to me like a menacing tone. I've never been one who wants to draw unwanted attention. I know that if I wear a feather boa and leather pants and wacky sunglasses, and come into a room shrilling "Yoo-hoo!" I'll most likely get attention. However that night, I was wearing a new long sleeve shirt (not low cut) and jeans and I was happy with sipping my sangria and watching my friends dance. Even though I am not a salsa dancer, and would be happier pogoing to some rock band, I was simply happy to watch.

But now I'm thinking why bother watching. That's as bad as sitting down during a rock show, I think, and I also think if I want to take myself out of the equation, it should be my right and people should understand that I don't want the plans changed for me and that I would be happy enough to meet my friends afterward somewhere or see them before they go dance.

I really hope they understand. The worst thing that they could do is change the plans for me, or goad me into something I really do not want to do.