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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mini Movie Review

My friends and I went to see Capote over the weekend. I have to say that I liked it, and I thought Philip Seymour Hoffman did a great job emulating Truman Capote, but in the end, I think Brokeback Mountain was still a better movie.

One of the friends I went with saw Brokeback Mountain without me, and the next time I saw him, he couldn't go five minutes without barking out "I can't quit you!" in a voice that sounded like his mouth was stuffed with marbles. He would do it, and then be silent for a bit until he was overcome with the giggles and had to say it again.

I was worried he would pick up Capote's speech patterns after seeing the movie, but strangely enough, he hasn't. In fact, it is ME who is waiting for an opportunity to whine out a "How did you know?" and assert that I have a "94 percent recall ability."

Anyways, on to the movie particulars. I have always wanted to read In Cold Blood, from when it was first mentioned in the same review as "Boys Don't Cry" a movie about a horrid multi-murder taking place in a lonely farmhouse in Nebraska. In Cold Blood looks at Capote and how obsessed he becomes with writing a book based on a family's murder in their Kansas farmhouse.

There were some things about Capote I didn't quite like. At first he seems very willing to help the criminals out anyway he can. but once he realizes his story only ends when their lives do, he pulls back from them, without really explaining anything. But worse still I think was how little he cared that his childhood friend Harper Lee published a book and then saw it be turned into a Hollywood movie.

And while it's pretty clear that the criminals are guilty of murder right from the start, hearing one of them confess, and the way he confesses is still pretty bone chilling.

I plan on reading In Cold Blood (if I can find it) next month, and maybe I'll talk more about it then.