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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Deep Breaths and Thoughts


Ever the one who likes to see a happy ending, and as one who believes you can never plan too far in advance for that happy ending, I am currently looking at jobs and cars and houses on Craig's List just to see what sort of figures I'd be looking at when I come back here. Housing seems OK. A car (and in subconsciously keeping with the L.A. spirit of things, I inadvenrtently capitalized the c before correcting it!) seems doable, though I'm not harboring any ideas of having anything too flash. (I'm definitely not harboring any ideas of being able to live here without one!)

I'm just not sure how I'd have to work it. Maybe my friend would let me stay with her for a bit, but she'd definitely not want a second roommate and I wouldn't want an air matress for a bed for very long. So, car then place then job? Car, then job, then place?

I wish there was a website for people who have lived abroad for so long and then decided to come back home. Everything I have looked at assumes that I am a working professional whose company sent me abroad and now, still working for that company, I have decided to come back home. So they are talking about my company giving me a car for a short time and a place to stay as well. Not quite what's going to happen to me.

I'm also now not sure if I should go for that CELTA I so badly wanted not too long ago (typical!) so I could use the money saved for that to help further my quest to come back to the States. But then I'm also thinking that maybe a CELTA would save me momentarily anyways from a life of retail, at least give me a chance to make retail a second job to supplement my income and not my main source of it. I've already decided that if I want to move here than I can't be too picky at first as to what nibbles I get off any resume or application I send out. But truly, it would be nice to have something that listed their salary as by year and not by the hour. Ha.

It'd really be nice to try writing again, though this time in an entertainment or arts setting (regardless of what any potentially crazy men on the beach told me). I'd also like to see what I could do as a tutor for kids, though that is definitely a pay by the hour program and nothing more. I just wonder what the best way to go about sniffing for jobs in California would be while away in Hong Kong. If all goes well I should have a lot in the bank to live off of, to set myself up here. But we'll have to see what happens first.