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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Full Weekend!

I love having lots of fun stuff to do on the weekend. It definitely beats catching up on errands (you know, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

So Saturday was my friend Sabrina's birthday. She partied hard. Hard hard hard. She almost knocked over a bar's table, she was having so much fun! She was an absolute terror on the dance floor! She was a good girl (I mean good birthday ho) who completed her dares and was a total spaz on the dancefloor. We were both so far gone I think in a slap-happy mood that we ended up practically screaming with laughter over how the Sims gossip (yes it's a nerdy obsession of mine. One of them, anyways!) with each other: "Psst! Hey! You know my brother? He burned the pork chops! Shh! Shh! Shh!") It's great to be around people who are looking to have fun when they go out. It's pretty infectious!

And so last weekend was definitely the time to be out, as Hong Kong was hosting its annual Rugby Sevens tournament that weekend as well. So what this means is that Sabrina, totally in a happy drunkish spaz and wearing a blinking birthday tiara which had ribbons woven into it, fit totally in with the happy and drunk rugby fans who were literally parading themselves around Lan Kwai Fong. Like my friend Mark before her, who exposed his chest in a pseudo-seductive way on the dance floor (and there are pictures -- Ouch!) my retinas are forever burned with the image of Sabrina, "doing the Brokeback" with a person of her choice on the dance floor. She chose a guy who dressed up like a penguin (as one would do with that sort of dare!) and she pantomimed going at it as he happily bent over for her. Argh!


Also along with being caught up in the total party atmosphere in Lan Kwai Fong, I have decided upon a new philosophy (for the time being, you know how I am!) to try to appreciate the good things in life. This came from hearing news about former West Virginian miner Randal McCloy's amazing recovery, and the release of hostage Jill Carroll, and OK, a viewing of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (but not all in equal proportions, OK?) Life can be good for some people and miracles can happen, and I should try to appreciate small wonders and victories that are thrown my way. I should try to pay attention to them more.

Anyways, while waiting for a friend to come out of one of the bars my friend and I started talking to some guy, wearing a really strange wig. He seemed pretty cool (if not a bit chemically enhanced? Altered? OK, let's not split hairs, pretty drunk!) and I (maybe running on equal parts alcohol and natural high for my friend's birthday) asked for his number, so maybe we could meet up later, and he gave the number to me, and on the day of the Sevens I tried calling him just to see if he knew of anyone who had tickets. He couldn't really hear me, but managed to tell me a) he would call me later and b) he was hanging out with some Japanese cheerleaders. Heh.

Anyways, the final game was really exciting, and the crowd just got rowdier and rowdier as England first rallied then tied, then finally beat the Fiji team. When I got hit in the arm by a flying plastic beer pitcher (I kid you not and I have the welt to prove it!) I told my friends I was going out of the stadium and would wait in the hall area for them. But then I turned and moved back into the stadium; the only thing was I overshot my section and wound up in the next one over. Well, what do I then see in front of me but one distinctly odd headdress. Needless to say, underneath that wig was the guy I met from the night before. (Insert a few bars of "It's a Small World After All" ~ Canto-Pop style of course here!) So he said he'd call me back when he got back into town Wednesday or Thursday. We'll see what happens.

And that Japanese cheerleader? It's yet to be confirmed, but I think I know her! (Insert some more bars of "It's a Small World After All")

Comparing what i just said about the latest newsmakers and my life is truly a case of apples and oranges, (more like elephants and fleas) but I can't help wonder if there's some coincidence involved, with the power of positive thinking and all. What happened with Randal McCloy and Jill Carroll are major miracles. What happened in my life is a small wonder. But everything there points to how life can be good.

And you know me, I've learned my lesson. This will be the last I publicly talk about any developments that may or may not happen with this guy. Friends who know me personally will probably be more than happy to attest to the fact I've told them 3 different times about the same thing and should expect the same style of updates at a later time, but I really don't want to make (any more of) a big deal of anything (than I already have) right now.