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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gorgonzola, My Arch-Nemesis

It seems that the only obstacles I have had to surmount while here are those of the culinary variety. First as you know, my mind boggled over how a medium coffee could like like the large 20 ouncers back in Hong Kong. (The answer is that in Hong Kong a small coffee is 8 ounces, a medium is 12 ounces and a large is 16 ounces. Here it seems the smalls start at 12 ounces and go up so a large is 20 ounces. Yikes.) But even though I'm sure I am not giving anyone any sort of new information, I still have to just say wow with how large the meals and drinks are out here. When I do move back, I'll probably avoid all sit-down style restaurants like the plague until my stomach can get its bearings.

Apparently, they still have not. Last night I was done in by probably too much gorgonzola cheese on my salad, a cheese I normally love (hey, it's cheese!) but have not had in a very long time. I also had a very rich minestrone soup, and coupled with the fact that I probably have been dehydrated like an autumn leaf since I got to the States (a glass of wine and coffee in flight will do that to me!) and it's that special time of the month for me, I got super sick last night in the presence of my friend at home. (Thankfully not at the restaurant) And I guess we're even as she demonstrated her supreme phobia of all things 8-legged to me earlier that morning, I figured I would be sick in front of her to lvel the playing field of embarrassment! (Hey that is what friends are for!)

Anyways I am feeling much better now but that's probably because I finally got an Advil into me and have been sucking water down like a fish all day today.

I have requested admission materials from USC (University of Southern California) and CSUN (Cal State University at Northridge) just as a way to see what my options were in terms of furthering my education. I tell you what I nearly gagged when I saw the price tag for USC! There might be a better way to get into writing again, but I am not so sure. It might not look good to come back to something I had tried before, but I would definitely hasten to add that working out in California on an entertainment beat has little or nothing to do with working in Washington DC for a conservative paper, writing about business matters or obituaries. It's not the deadlines I minded, it was coming up with ideas for stories I maybe didn't care so much about. And not having a car sucked too. That will be on top of my list of things to take care of when I get back here. Gewtting a car and then driving lessons to give me peace of mind with it.

If I can impulsively go to Korea on a whim, I think I can impulsively come back here as well.