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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In California!

Well, being back here has proved easier than I thought it would be! The first time back and walking around the streets, I felt I was in a room with like hundreds of TVs on, all tuned to different channels. Everyone was talking, I could understand all of it. but I didn't know where to focus my attention. (Yes, I know the polite thing to do would be to not focus on anyone's conversation, but I couldn't help it.)

The only major problem I keep having is that I order medium coffees and get these huge large ones, like for 20 ounces or something. I'm going to go back to Hong Kong with even more of an addiction than I started!

I got my handwriting analyzed on Venice Beach yesterday. Ha! Apparently my style of writing is good for someone who is a teacher or a arts writer. (How convenient!) I also played a game with some of my friend's friends, where after saying how much I hated Star Trek and never saw any movies or episodes really, I had to name all seven featured Enterprise crew members. Meh! I got six and then started haggling, spewing out"The Russian guy! The one introduced cause he looked like Davy Jones!" Finally after waffling on the answer for awhile I finally got it right (Chekov.)

If I am going to live here, I am going to need to both buy a car and then get some confidence behind the wheel of it. I'm also going to have to find a decent job. Maybe it will all be worth it. The weather will generally be nice (even though right now it's cold!) and I'll be able to have some say in where I live and what sort of furniture I'd like to have. (I'm sick of baby sized single beds!)

I keep saying I think my time as an expat is up, and this time it really has nothing to do with a guy. I just want to go back to living an American style way of life and if I can do it here in California, so much the better!