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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bring On The Happy Little Trees!

As you know, I am currently broke.

And I will be broke until Thursday, sometime in the a.m.

Unrelated to my brokitude, my water was shut off today because of some glitch with the landlord not paying the water bill. (I'm really not sure how this works, and damn me for not asking questions earlier, but I hand in money to the school, who, up until now, I believed mailed off a payment for my bills to the respective utility companies. Now I am not so sure.)

So I have no:

  • shower
  • water to do dishes
  • ability to flush the toilet

To quote Emily Dickenson: This sucks. (It was in one of her really secret, unpublished poems.)

I can't wait to be out of Hong Kong. I'm sick of the very space I live in. I have a crap landlord and the place is running down. The headmistress told me was newly renovated before I moved in. She's leaving her job soon and I think she should work either in politics or comedy.

But I found a Bob Ross video on line and that made me feel a bit better. What a cool guy he was.