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Monday, May 08, 2006

Random Musings

  • Sometimes I look at the housing for rent ads on some L.A.-based websites, and it sets me off into a panic when I consider that I will also need a car and a job basically to provide for it all. I think I will never have enough money. But yesterday I looked at some more sites and they seemed a bit more reasonable -- we'll have to see how the neighborhood is! -- but I feel a bit more optimistic about my chances of survival in L.A. In any case, I have to realize that it's not like I *have* no other choice but to be a teacher or a writer, and it's not like if I find California too expensive, I have to return to Asia.
  • A friend of mine basically told me she has not been single for about half of her life. I find that really amazing. While I'm stuck on a one way street in boring suburban Singleville, she's been crusining on down the dating highway and never taken a single exit ramp or made any rest stops it seems. (Well she's exited relationships of course, but hasn't ever really had any alone time.) I think it's good for down time in between relationships, to be able to remember who you are, and to do things you really enjoy doing, as relationships are about compromise. Yet as I say that, I'm starting to think I have really had too much downtime lately, and partially consider her lucky to be in that kind of lifestyle.