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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Too Good To Not Share

I found this on USA Today's entertainment blog called Pop Candy. It's a listing of videos from way back when MTV and VH1 actually played music videos, instead of making shows talking about them.

I have been wasting tons of time on here dragging myself down memory lane. Some of the highlights include:

  • "In a Big Country" by Big Country. I remember seeing this video when it first came out, and really being drawn to the song. And many moons later, I still love this song. I love how the guitars in this song remind me of bagpipes. (Fitting because they are Scottish.) I love the whole James Bond-lite storyline they have got going in the video. (Also fitting because hey, Sean Connery, he too is Scottish.) And Stuart Adamson is rocking a mullet in the video too.
  • "Our House" by Madness. This video cracked me up when I was younger. And I thought I was funny by adding the lyrics "Our House, where we used to smell our feet." My mom loved it anyways. I was about seven at the time. It's also a song that gets played a lot on my iPod. I just like how happy and poppy it sounds. It's another 80s song that absolutely does not sound dated one bit today. (If you want to see the video, look it up on YouTube.com)
  • "Hyperactive" by Thomas Dolby. I remember seeing this video when it first came out, though "She Blinded Me With Science" has since completely overshadowed it. I remember the puppet in the video freaked me out. It's really cool to see a video like this and realize that for its time, it was pretty cutting edge.
  • "Rock On" by Michael Damian. Ehm. It's pure cheese, but my 29 year old self can still see why the 13 year old me thought he was pretty cute. Although the hair....(See also "In a Big Country" regarding bad hair decisions I overlooked.)
  • "Fantasy" by Aldo Nova. This is an afterthought. How the hell could I forget to mention this one? Again, when I was younger, I remember another video of his being played all the time, called "Monkey" or "Monkey On Your Back." Anyways, that video featured some killer rhesus monkey or orang utan symbolizing addiction that terrorized many people, jumping on their back and eventually taking them down. This is according to my dad. (I guess I didn't need Nancy Reagan in those days when I had my dad spelling everything out that happened on MTV.) In this video the most notable thing is that Aldo Nova (yes, a he, and not a band like I had always thought -- you learn something new every day!) is sporting some really ridiculous leopard print jumpsuit while performing. It's pretty bad. Yes, so bad you have to check it out.

There's just too many to name. "Oh Sherrie" by Steve Perry has to place first in the "So Bad It's Good" category, though Soft Cell's Tainted Love video also gives it a run for the money. After seeing this video, I think I now understand why everytime I saw the video for Tainted Love it was a "live concert" version. The version on this website is really freaky.

But see for yourself. If you love 80s music as much as I do, you'll be sucked in in no time. You're welcome!