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Monday, May 15, 2006

We All Want To Be Bugs Bunny When In Reality We're More Like Daffy Duck

Ugh. Today is a day I could be playing "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of" on repeat. I had a job interview. The man who interviewed me was really impressed with my background and how I seemed to know how to assess someone's English ability based on how they answered different kinds of questions. (Well, obviously "What's your name?" is so much different from "How can we achieve world peace?" or something like that!)

But when it came to literally assess someone, the company's assessment form really threw me off. I had to rate this man I talked to on like 8 different categories which followed a TWELVE POINT SCALE! Like from 1 to 12, where 1 through 2 was poor, then 3 through 4 was fair, then 5 through 7 was average and 8 through 10 was good and 11 through 12 was excellent. What the hell is a difference between a six and seven? Or an eleven and twelve?

And while I looked at the paper, it was only until later that I realized I had the key to the assessment right in my hands! Too many friggin boxes though. It threw me off. The man even told me, if the guy doesn't speak perfectly, you can't give him a good mark. That was another thing. First I had to rate him on various tasks on a three point scale, either he was poor, good or average. Then came the longest scale ever. Anyone else could do this, but not me!

I keep getting job offers from this company which will take a huge bite out of my paycheck, so I am hoping this one from tonight will actually pan out. If it doesn't I'll have to keep plugging away. But I'd like to have some extra money rolling in. It scares me, how little I may actually end up with.