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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today is a day where I need to revel in my slugitude.


I had to be up early today for a Parents' Day our school had. I talked to like three of them all day, but we all have to be there I guess as the Chinese teachers obviously have to be there.

I am so tired. I hate feeling like this. And I already had one coffee today. I'm getting to old to be sucking down gallons of caffeine to keep me afloat, but maps make me feel really yucky after I wake up.

Have I become 60 without realizing it? Have all the days I have spent living ahead of my friends finally added up?

The headmistress of my school asked me today what my plans were after my contract was up in February. I didn't feel safe telling her the truth right now, so I told her it was too early to tell and I'd be sure to let her know later on in the year like when I had three months left, what my plan was. I'm not sure why she was asking; I hope it's just curiosity.

I rented some movies, Crash and The Weatherman. I plan on watching the Weatherman soon, if I have no luck with finding the correct current episode of Lost, as I want to be completely coherent for Crash.