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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Feeling Better

And now the lowlights from today!

  • Woke up at about 815 this morning after discovering the text message on my phone to get some water. Was feeling pretty rough. Took some Advil and then promptly went back to bed...
  • Where I then reawakened at about 230 p.m. Holy mother of God.
  • Used my pain after sucking down more water and Advil to go to McDonalds for takeaway
  • I had a double cheeseburger that tasted damn good.
  • Stumbled somehow onto this website that creates radio stations based on the kind of music I like and will eventually link me to like minded listeners (once I hit about 300 songs listened to, that is.) I'm already on a clip to maybe achieve that by Thursday. Ha. I am going through my library and trying to give it a sampling of what is on the ol' iPod. Mainly 80s stuff, 1990s alternative stuff, ska-like bands, maybe throw in bands like Rage Against The Machine for good measure. If you try it out, message me if you'd like to be my friend (awwww) on there. I'm always looking for new music.