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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Really Good Night Out!

Highlights include:

  • Being told I had to spend a minimum of $128 at this really swank place where a good friend of mine had his birthday...and then managing to pay only for one of them. (Hey I did offer money, but at this time in the month -- where my MSN ID is "Come On Payday! -- if my money is no good there, then...OK.)
  • Having a yummy chocolate martini for the first time. (Which, yes, I did pay for.)
  • Drinking some really good peachy kind of wine.
  • Best bit of the night number one: where two of my friends and I serenaded the taxi driver with all the top hits from years past that we could think of. Bon Jovi. Pussycat Dolls. An ABBA medley. (I'm surprised he didn't try to literally drive us into the tunnel, and by that, I mean the tunnel walls!)
  • Then two of my friends and I (one of whom was not in the cabaret cab) went to The Flying Pan where I had a really good breakfast of eggs, fruit salad, beans and toast. It was yuuuuuummmmy!
  • Best bit of the night number two: I remet a guy at the Flying Pan I had first met a few weeks ago at a poetry reading (he never read and so did I) and I remember immediately liking him for how happy and friendly he seemed. He was still the very same way last night, but only better, as he gave me his phone number. Heh. I messaged him at close to 3 in the morning (soon after we left the place) asking him for his opinion on coffee (An idea Miss Peach and Mr. Martini heavily goaded me into I think!).
  • I just might call him later today and ask him to go out/hang out with me sometime. What the hell, eh?

So I'm feeling a bit rough right now, but this definitely was a night that needs to be remembered!