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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Return of Absolutely Fabulous...But Broke!

Can you imagine how far gone I'd be if I were still on my Pacific Coffee cup a day thing?

So I've been eating pasta for dinner for the past two days. Not so bad. Payday is Monday. I might have to go to the store tomorrow and buy some bread for some beans on toast action for dinner...but if I do that, why don't I just buy some cans of tuna anyways and make myself something I'm more likely to eat?

And then there is always soup.

I dreamed up a shopping list during the afternoon when I had nothing to do. Eighteen items just waiting to be bought. I'm trying to eat healthier. (Not sure how the raspberry jam or Barbeque Shapes I want will fit in there.) I want to get some miso soup. I wish I knew more about how to cook for one person...would love to have the ambition to create salads and vegetable dishes and chicken dishes without worrying it'll turn to compost before I can finish all that I made.