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Sunday, July 30, 2006


So this is what I managed to do (and am planning to do) with (the remains of) My Summer Vacation:

  • Taught a test prep class for first through sixth graders for two weeks. This is not the first time I have done this, and here is my consistent impression of the kids and the course: First graders should not take this course as it is waaaay over their heads. The fifth graders all know everything anyways already and hate to be in the class, so that leaves the third and fourth graders as being the class I love to teach every time I have to do this course. But now, it's over and I am a few dollars richer for it!
  • Saw Superman Returns in the theater. Read my review down below. You'll see I quite enjoyed it.
  • Rented Batman Begins and Orange County. Batman Begins was good, and Christian Bale makes a good (young) Bruce Wayne I think. Even Katie Holmes wasn't terrible here. And I really appreciated how the movie had its elements of darkness and humor. (I'm of the impression that before, it was either one or the other. Except for when it was "Batman and Robin," and then it was crap.) The movie was a bit too long, but I'd be happy to see Christian Bale in the Bruce Wayne/Batman (hope I didn't give anything away there!) role one more time.
  • Met up with two friends of mine today (one whom I hadn't seen in what felt like years!) for what was not brunch (breakfast+lunch) but a lunch and dinner (Dunch? Linner?) at the Excelsior Hotel. I'm happy to report that with one of my friends, when it comes to matters of Brandon Routh, she is 12, too.
  • Went to hair salon with friends so one could get her hair cut. I'm thinking of doing something different to my hair once it grows more. First thing I want to do of course is grow it out more, and give it a better cut. Surely I can find a flattering cut for medium length hair that isn't a boring all one length bob. Once I do that, I may either a) get some sort of highlights (maybe blonde) or b) dye my hair brown to see what it's like to be a brunette. (People say to me my hair is blonde-brown already but I think it's more between red and blonde and when I dyed my hair in the past, it has always been a shade of red of some sort. A change might be good.
  • Made plans with my friends to go see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" on the 3rd, the day we get back to work. Blah. The movie should be good though.
When I get back to school, I'm afraid there'll be a showdown of sorts about my air conditioner. It broke through normal use and the school wants me to pay for the repair. Yet I've always understood the point of the landlord would be to fix things when they broke and only ask for repayment if the tenant was at fault. If I'm wrong then fine, I'll pay but something just doesn't add up for me, and no, it is not the parting of money!

Anyways, I'm looking into this myself, and in any case, it's only another six months to go before I leave the Bizarro World that my job must be in.