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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bizarro World

Never mind this is the country that eats fast food fish sandwiches or pasta for breakfast and thinks nothing of it. Never mind that the mini bus company sets up a day of protest for better wages by deciding to do revolutionary things like moving from a bus stop only when everyone is seated and obeying speed limits (shouldn't they do that already?) Never mind the never ending saga of my landlord who obviously wishes he had gone into banking or something like that, as he likes to charge me for repairs and yet sits on piles of money and neglects his rent bills.

Today, on the mini bus, I was apparently asked to give up my seat as a couple boarded after me and only one seat remained. But did they explain it like this to me? No. It probably wouldn't have done them any good anyways. I already have two strikes against me here in the being taken seriously department by being white and female in an Asian, male-dominated society.
Like hell am I going to be singled out as a person who won't mind or care to give up her seat just because I am single! Mr. and Miss Can't Breathe Without Each Other got on after me...THEY can take the next bus which was waiting. (OK, to be fair, in the same situation I'd of course want to ride on the same bus as my boyfriend too, but there's no way I'm going to try to scope out some poor Singleton and bump her off the bus to do that.)

But anyways. This wasn't even explained to me. You want to know how they wanted me to cooperate with them? By insinuating that I snuck on the bus somehow without paying! The attendant wanted to check my card. I wouldn't let him because A) I was insulted he thought I would have gotten on and settled in without paying and B) I only had a few dollars remaining on my card and I wasn't sure if when he "checked" it, he'd be deducting another fare from it.
and yes C) I was still mildly smarting from the sting of what seemed to be being singled out as a single female and therefore inferior to all the single men on the bus and the couple wanting to get on.

This country is too weird. No one is going to cooperate with anyone if they are accused of stealing.