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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Still am unsure how to proceed. Wonder if any amount of money would be ever enough to go to California (Car, decent housing, job, good social life). Wonder if I'm taking too easy a road by heading back to Boston.

But then maybe going back there will let me enjoy it more. I can see myself comfortably going into the Middle East or The Paradise (if they are still there, that is) to check out a band on my own, because I'd feel so comfy there. I know of a lot of the good places to grab food (maybe not individual shops, but definitely the neighborhoods would still have to be there.), and where to hang out...but of course I'll need the money to do that and I so sure as hope to hell I'll have made some good friends to do all those things too.

I want to have the idea that all these obstacles in my way of going to California (reacquainting myself with a car and driving, playing an invigorating game of Beat The Clock in terms of finding a job and housing) would be prime "character builders." Something in the back of my mind tells me I'm really not going to know where I'll be for awhile now. I just have to keep socking away money, and see where I am in 5 months.

Maybe I won't be stalking Brandon Routh for awhile, if at all. Heh. And I'm sure he, his girlfriend, and my nose are quite thankful for that.*

*Note to any weird police people possibly browsing this, this is a comment made in jest only. Thank you for understanding and not raiding my place at 3 a.m.