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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Extra Mini Movie Review: Rent

Watched Rent tonight. Thankful for living alone as I had forgotten how soppy that movie makes me. Very cool they used most of the original cast members, though 9 years later. (I guess if you know your dream, you'd spend all that time anyways trying to fulfill it.) Spent all the time looking at the actress who was playing Joanne, knowing I knew her from somewhere, only to find out well after the movie ended that the actress is also on Cold Case, one of my favorite shows.

I now am under the delusion that I, too, can sing, and have been yodeling through Seasons of Love, as best as I can remember the lyrics. Once again, thank God for my Fortress of Solitude. I remember seeing this on stage in 1996, and how big a deal it was then. I loved Seasons of Love and No Day But Today. I loved the answering machine messages Mark's mom left behind and loved Maureen's avant-garde performance piece where she clanged on a cowbell and spoke of how the cow that jumped over the moon performed the definitive Leap of Faith.

Have a strange feeling that life is going to be mine in a few months. La Vie Boheme. Minus dancing on tabletops. Ha. Though it'll be in L.A., not New York. I have to do it. Still not sure how, but as a friend of mine recently asked me, "Isn't it great to not have a plan?" Maybe she's joking. :)