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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Day of School! First Day of School!

So today was the day I met the littlest children I'd be teaching this term, the 3 year olds of the NC class. In record time (maybe about just under five minutes) a little boy cried himself sick. It was a day where I seriously considered bringing in earmuffs for the next week.

Still, there are some cute bright kids in the class. One girl took to me right away and we played a good game of throw and catch. I was amazed with her coordination and just how confident she was. There was a boy who I swear I had seen before at another one of the schools in my neighborhood, but his nanny told me when she came to pick him up, this was his first time ever at the school. He's another happy boy, he gave me the biggest grin when I helped him turn around on his Monster Bike.

There are some kids who are fearful of me, but I guess that's only to be expected as there aren't too many people in a three year old's world who are walking around Hong Kong with blue eyes and blondish hair spouting gibberish.

And then there is another girl who has been at two of the other schools in the neighborhood before landing here. I wonder if next she'll go to another school in another area. Poor thing hasn't left the level she started in maybe a year and a half ago.

I'm the only foreign teacher at my school now due to reshuffling and this is making me sad a bit. I really liked working and talking with the guy who taught the other classes last year, and he's even now eating his lunch at a different school than I am. I think once everything gets back into swing, I'll be able to meet up with and talk to the more Western teachers but eating today's lunch at school made me feel silly as I was the only Westerner there and was barely acknowledged by the Chinese staff. So between that and the afternoons where it'll be just me, and the mornings where it'll be just me and then coming home, where it is just me, I'll either become very independent, develop one hell of an imagination, or go slowly crazy. But there's only six more months to go until I can understand what everyone's saying and talk to everyone I meet, so maybe it won't be so bad after all.

Also a couple days ago I got word from a very small paper in California (well maybe not small but not The L.A. Times, OK?) that while they have no real positions available right now, they might be interested in getting some CD reviews from me, seeing as they do not do them already. This is quite cool, as this happened in a case of "It wouldn't hurt to ask" and maybe something will materialize out of it. I already know what CD I want to review. I now just want to make my review count for something! Kind of scary and yet liberating that the show is all mine really. There doesn't seem to be any set guideline to follow.